Dick Drainers: Lexy Bandera – Violent Thug Delivers A Message To Lexy’s Mouth

Lexy loves her boyfriend Antonio. Hes just the greatest. Great sense of humor, thoughtful and always so caring.

They’ve been dating for a couple of years now and Lexy has gotten to know a LOT about him. She knows that hes allergic to shellfish. She knows that he likes to smoke before dinner. And she knows that the way he makes his money is…questionable.

But that’s ok. Nobody is perfect. And Antonio always keeps his business activities away from her in order to protect her. He would never let anyone hurt her. Or at least that’s what Lexy thought. You see, Antonio has pissed off some very powerful people. And those people are hell bent on sending him a message. Branden, a member of a rival cartel, has been dispatched to send that message to Antonio. However, Antonio is out conducting business. But Lexy is home…unprotected. Vulnerable. Alone. Once Branden talks to her and…explains exactly how much trouble Antonio is in, he KNOWS that Lexy will deliver the message to Antonio.