Dick Drainers – Feeding Eliza Allure

Eliza is hungry. Ravenous, actually. But she doesn’t want a sandwich, some pizza, or anything like that. She doesn’t know what exactly…but her friend Branden is a chef. He can definitely fix something for her. Branden comes through immediately. And he brings an assortment of meats with him. When her eyes see her meal…she gets hot…she feels a little heavier…so much so that she has to pull her MASSIVE TITS out of her dress. She wants to be fully free to devour her meal. Branden doesn’t seem to mind. The meal he gives her is exactly what she needed. Big portion. Very fulfilling. Cooked just right. It’s definitely hitting the spot. As she eats it up, she starts drooling. There’s no need for a napkin tho. Her slime covers her fabulous meal, like a garnish…flavoring it…making it slide easier down her throat. The food is so good that Eliza can’t think…she just eats…and eats…and eats….but after she takes that last bit down her throat…after her dessert…she definitely remembers to kiss the cook for a job well done on a delicious and fulfilling meal.